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Solo Mum by Choice (SMBC): A woman who takes motherhood into her own hands and choses to have a child on her own. This is typically achieved with the assistance of a sperm donor (known or anonymous), and can also include egg donation and adoption.

Latest episodes:
  • S2:E15 – Amanda and Leo

    S2:E15 – Amanda and Leo

    At 41, after years of unsuccessful dating, Amanda learned the only way she could become a Mum would be with help from an egg and sperm donor. She lives in Melbourne with her adorable son Leo.…

  • S2:E14 – Lisa and Riley

    S2:E14 – Lisa and Riley

    Lisa always knew she wanted to be a mum and after going to a fertility specialist to explore freezing her eggs she instead embarked into becoming a solo mother by choice. Lisa lives in Queensland with…

  • S2:Bonus 2 – Interview with Fertility Specialist – Dr David Wilkinson

    S2:Bonus 2 – Interview with Fertility Specialist – Dr David Wilkinson

    In this special bonus episode I chat with Dr David Wilkinson from City Fertility in Melbourne. It’s thanks to him that I have my gorgeous daughter Alexandra and I’m so grateful he gave me his time…

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6 weeks before I turned 40 my dreams of becoming a mother finally came true thanks to the generosity of an anonymous sperm donor. While it definitely wasn’t my plan A, I now wouldn’t have it any other way. I absolutely love life with my gorgeous daughter Alexandra and finally feel like I’ve found my purpose – she is my “why”.

With the No Need For Prince Charming podcast I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many inspiring women who have embarked on motherhood on their own terms. I hope if you are just starting out in this journey you’ll find each episode provides you with the advice, confidence and inspiration I wish I had. If you are already an SMBC, welcome to the village and please reach out if you would like to share your amazing story.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Enjoying the realness of this podcast. While these stories will never be my lived experience it is important for me to listen.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mums are inspiring, but listening to the stories of these mums, who have taken matters into their own handstand created their own happily ever after are awe inspiring! Awesome podcast!


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