S1:E15 – Rachel and Arlo

In hindsight Rachel wishes she’d decided that she would become a mother without a partner 10 years ago, but not commence treatment until later. Had she done that she wouldn’t have wasted time on relationships that never got her to the goal of having her own child, but could have instead focused on herself and having fun before becoming a mum. Rachel now lives in Adelaide with her gorgeous 18 month old son Arlo. In this episode we talk about different options for conceiving, not to overcomplicate things if you don’t need to, what to ask your clinic, and how to make being a mum alone as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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Published by noneedforprincecharming

After trying and failing to find my Prince Charming I took matters into my own hands and created my own family with the help of an anonymous sperm donor. My gorgeous daughter Alexandra is the best decision I ever made and I hope my blog will help other women contemplating the SMBC journey get the help and inspiration they need to follow their dreams.