S2:Bonus 3 – Tips for holidaying as an SMBC

Is there anything better than holidays? Whether it’s a local road trip, camping or heading overseas for a beach holiday or adventure, travelling as a solo mum can seem a little overwhelming but is also one of the most magical experiences you can have with your children.

In this bonus episode you’ll hear some great tips and lessons from some of the podcast’s previous guests and I hope they help you feel better prepared for your first or next trip.

So far I have taken my daughter on 2 local trips to stay in camp grounds with other SMBCs, an overseas trip to NZ where my Mum came (which helped a lot) and most recently a trip to stay in a resort in Fiji where we met up with another SMBC and that was my favourite holiday so far (they get better the older she gets). We have many more trips planned, including a cruise with other SMBCs and I can’t wait for my daughter to experience the world with me and see the joy on her face experiencing new things and places.

Have an amazing time wherever you go!

I’d love to know any tips you have that weren’t included in the episode…

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