S2:E21 – Emily, Daisy & Polly

Emily had a partner when she had her first daughter, but when the relationship didn’t work out she quickly determined she wanted to expand her family and after a couple of dates realised she wanted to do it on her own. She ended up using a recruited known donor which allowed her to quickly conceive her second daughter and now Emily and her two daughters live in Perth. In this episode we talk about the difference between having a child on your own and co-parenting, what Emily is doing to ensure both of their children understand their unique conception stories and how she is navigating her ongoing relationship with the donor and donor siblings.

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Published by noneedforprincecharming

After trying and failing to find my Prince Charming I took matters into my own hands and created my own family with the help of an anonymous sperm donor. My gorgeous daughter Alexandra is the best decision I ever made and I hope my blog will help other women contemplating the SMBC journey get the help and inspiration they need to follow their dreams.