S2:E27 – Libby, Ethan and Spencer

Libby was so clear she wanted to be a mother, she even chose her career to ensure she would be set up for them when they arrived. After achieving some significant career milestones and “career dating” with no success for 5 years she knew she’d regret it if she didn’t try alone. She now lives in NSW with her two boys Ethan and Spencer. In this episode we discuss some of the challenges she had with her clinic during the process, her advice for a having a second child and her experience with meeting and building relationships with donor siblings.

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Published by noneedforprincecharming

After trying and failing to find my Prince Charming I took matters into my own hands and created my own family with the help of an anonymous sperm donor. My gorgeous daughter Alexandra is the best decision I ever made and I hope my blog will help other women contemplating the SMBC journey get the help and inspiration they need to follow their dreams.