S2:Bonus 5 – Interview with a fertility dietician

no need for Prince Charming bonus episode with a fertility dietician

In this bonus episode I interviewed Lara who is dietician that specialises in fertility and pregnancy, especially for women trying to conceive over the age of 35. We discuss what you should and shouldn’t eat to help egg quality and your chance of conception success, as well as ensuring a health pregnancy and debunking some of the myths and misconceptions.

The probiotic that Lara mentions that was studied in a randomised controlled trial and was positively associated with reduced risk of GDM is called ‘Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001’ –> reach out to Lara if you are interested in where you can buy this, the correct dosage, and when to take it! 

Lara can help with egg collection prep (ideally want to be working on this ~3 months prior to your stim cycle), nutrition support to optimise implantation and also pregnancy and breastfeeding nutrition! 

Head over to her website to book a FREE 15min chat to find out whether a full consultation or an express 30min prenatal supplement consult would be right for you! https://laramathers.com/book-a-consultation/

Also make sure you follow Lara’s instagram account where she does usually does a question and answer box once a week for any burning questions  

IG – @ttc_over35_dietitian

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