S2:E4 – Sarah and Noah

Sarah went to a seminar at a Melbourne IVF clinic to learn about freezing her eggs, but after talking to a specialist, realised having a child with a donor was going to be the best way for her to achieve her dreams of becoming a mother. After multiple rounds of treatment and 3 donors, sheContinue reading “S2:E4 – Sarah and Noah”

S2:E3 – TJ and Baby Star

TJ had an amazing life, but at 46 had a sudden realisation that she was meant to be a mother. She pursued all avenues, and was eventually successful at 49 with a donor embryo. She and her gorgeous daughter live in NSW. In this episode we discuss the challenges of being an older mum, howContinue reading “S2:E3 – TJ and Baby Star”

S2:E2 – Carly and Lennon

At 35 Carly realised that her dream of becoming a mother might not eventuate if she didn’t take matters into her own hands and she now lives in Melbourne with her adorable son Lennon. In this episode we discuss her fertility journey, choices she made to set herself up for success and her thought processContinue reading “S2:E2 – Carly and Lennon”

S2:E1 – Billie and Luna

Try as she might, Billie had no luck finding Prince Charming, so at 36 she took matters into her own hands and made her dreams of becoming a mother a reality. She and her gorgeous 17 month old daughter Luna live in NSW. In this episode we discuss adjusting back to work as a soloContinue reading “S2:E1 – Billie and Luna”

Bonus Episode 4 – Reflections & advice

That’s a wrap on season 1! What an amazing ride it has been and what a fabulous range of stories and journeys we’ve had over the first 40 episodes. Thank you to all my amazing quests who have shared what they went through to fulfil their dreams of becoming a mother when they took motherhoodContinue reading “Bonus Episode 4 – Reflections & advice”

S1:E40 – Meagan and Jed

Meagan’s mum originally seeded the idea of her becoming a mum using a donor and after trying without luck to find the right partner she decided to go it alone. She now teaches pilates and lives near the beach in Queensland with her gorgeous son Jed. In this episode we talk about what she wentContinue reading “S1:E40 – Meagan and Jed”

S1:E39 – Elise and Eve

Elise decided just before she was 40 that she had to become a mum. She went through a massive 5 year rollercoaster and was eventually successful with known donor eggs and anonymous donor sperm to get her beautiful daughter Eve. In this episode we talk about the importance of family support, surviving baby loss andContinue reading “S1:E39 – Elise and Eve”

S1:E38 – Georgia and Violet

After learning she had fibroids which could impact her fertility, Georgia realised if she wanted kids she might have to take matters into her own hands. It took her a month to make the decision and now Georgia has her gorgeous daughter Violet. In this episode we discuss life with a premature baby, how she’sContinue reading “S1:E38 – Georgia and Violet”

S1:E37 – Jac and Fletcher

After focusing on her career and not meeting that special someone, Jac started pursuing foster parenting in order to create her family and help other children. That wasn’t an easy route, so when a friend suggested she have her own child alone, she pivoted and now has her gorgeous son Fletcher. in this episode weContinue reading “S1:E37 – Jac and Fletcher”

S1:E36 – Haylee and Neve

Becoming a solo mum by choice was always in the back of Haylee’s mind and after having a front row seat to her friend going through the journey, she decided to pursue this avenue to motherhood herself. After a pretty dramatic start to mum life, she now lives in Bendigo with her daughter Neve. InContinue reading “S1:E36 – Haylee and Neve”

S1:E35 – Sal, Edie and Hendrix

Sal grew up thinking she never wanted kids, but in reality what she didn’t want was a relationship with a man to get the kids. Once she worked that out she went through an interstate journey to create her gorgeous little family of 3 with her daughter Edie and son Hendrix. In this episode weContinue reading “S1:E35 – Sal, Edie and Hendrix”

S1:E34 – Alycia and Emmeline

Alycia decided early on she wasn’t going to have children, then a dream just after she turned 35 changed everything. She didn’t have a partner, and didn’t want one, so instead used a spem donor and now has her gorgeous daughter Emmeline. In this episode we talk about egg donation (which Alycia did when sheContinue reading “S1:E34 – Alycia and Emmeline”

S1:E33 – Bess, Sadie and Nina

Bess spend most of her life looking after other people’s children and really wanted her own, but due to her shyness she didn’t think she’d be able to meet someone to make that dream happen. She now lives in Tasmania with her two gorgeous girls Sadie and Nina. In this episode we talk about theContinue reading “S1:E33 – Bess, Sadie and Nina”

S1:E32 – Celeste, Henry and Charlie

Celeste had travelled, got the prerequisite white fluffy dog, but didn’t have any luck finding a partner to make her family dreams come true. She took matters into her own hands and now lives in Melbourne with her two boys Henry and Charlie. In this episode we talk about adjusting to life as a workingContinue reading “S1:E32 – Celeste, Henry and Charlie”

S1:E31 – Nikeesha and Willa

Nikeesha has a debilitating medical condition which meant if she wanted to have children, she didn’t have time to wait for the right partner. After a pretty challenging pregnancy and birth she now has her gorgeous daughter Willa. In this episode we talk about her amazing resilience and attitude throughout many setbacks, the importance ofContinue reading “S1:E31 – Nikeesha and Willa”

Bonus Episode 3 – Interview with a donor

To celebrate 30 episodes this special bonus episode gives us a male perspective and what they go through to be a donor, with some great advice for anyone considering using a known donor to create their family. I hope you enjoy this episode and thank you for all your support with the podcast so farContinue reading “Bonus Episode 3 – Interview with a donor”

S1:E30 – Maureen, Lana and Flynn

Maureen became a solo mum when it was actually illegal to access donor sperm as a single woman in Victoria. Luckily for us a lot has changed since then and Maureen now lives in Melbourne with her two teenagers Lana and Flynn. In this episode we discuss talking about the donor with your kids, meetingContinue reading “S1:E30 – Maureen, Lana and Flynn”

S1:E29 – Jane and Isabel

Jane initially went down the traditional clinic route to get pregnant on her own without success. She then trusted her intuition and pursued home insemination with a known donor and as a result she now lives in Melbourne with her gorgeous daughter Isabel. In this episode we discuss the importance of the relationship in selectingContinue reading “S1:E29 – Jane and Isabel”

S1:E28 – Nat, Harry and Hudson

Nat decided at a wedding she probably didn’t want to get married, but at that same wedding it became crystal clear she did really want to be a mother. After a pretty long journey including endometriosis and a very stressful second pregnancy, she now lives in Melbourne with her two boys Harry and Hudson. InContinue reading “S1:E28 – Nat, Harry and Hudson”

S1:E27 – Sarah and Ollie

When Sarah returned from the UK she became very aware of her family and friends who had become mothers and the wonderful bond they had. She wanted that life for herself, so she gave herself a time limit, otherwise she was going to have a baby on her own. She didn’t find Prince Charming byContinue reading “S1:E27 – Sarah and Ollie”

S1:E26 – Karly and Remy

Tissue warning – HIGH I was very honoured to be able to record Karly’s story. She always knew she wanted to become a mum and when the right partner didn’t eventuate she took matters into her own hands and now has her gorgeous daughter Remy Grace. In this episode we talk about the importance ofContinue reading “S1:E26 – Karly and Remy”

S1:E25 – Camilla and Edward

For Camilla, 40 was looming and Prince Charming was seriously lost. So she took matters into her own hands and after a dramatic entrance finally became a mum. She lives in Melbourne with her gorgeous 3 year old son Edward.  In this episode we talk about navigating the first few months as a mum withContinue reading “S1:E25 – Camilla and Edward”

S1:E24 – Hannah and Stevie

Hannah was always going to be a mum, so she froze her eggs in her early 30s to give her options, never thinking she’d need them. A few years later and after a lot of research, she went through IVF again, this time with donor sperm. She lives in Queensland with her gorgeous 2 yearContinue reading “S1:E24 – Hannah and Stevie”

S1:E23 – Ebony and Lyla

Ebony started her journey to become a solo mum while she was living in the UK, and what followed was a long and complex adventure involving multiple countries and donor options. Ebony now lives back in Victoria with her gorgeous 15 month old daughter Lyla. In this episode we talk about the options available forContinue reading “S1:E23 – Ebony and Lyla”

S1:E22 – Jen and Beatrice

Jen took a long time to make peace with having a baby on her own when meeting the love of her life wasn’t working out as planned. When her mum got sick, she knew it was what she needed to do to make her dreams of being a mother come true. Jen now lives inContinue reading “S1:E22 – Jen and Beatrice”

S1:E21 – Danni and Sophia

Danni always wanted to be a Mum, but dating wasn’t leading her to Prince Charming so she decided to do it on her own. Danni now has a successful business in NSW and a gorgeous 2 year old daughter Sophia. In this episode we talk about the importance of research with regards to the clinicContinue reading “S1:E21 – Danni and Sophia”

Bonus Episode 2 – Christmas tips

For most people Christmas is a time of love, laughter, family, presents and delicious food. This can mean a very expensive time, especially on one income. For this bonus episode I reached out to some of the previous and upcoming podcast guests to get their tips on what they do to make Christmas as magicalContinue reading “Bonus Episode 2 – Christmas tips”

S1:E20 – Kath and Lily

Before a friend mentioned pursing having a child alone to Kath, she had never considered it. She was 43 at the time, and decided to just go with it, so when it didn’t work she could put the concept of being a mother behind her. Imagine her surprise when it worked! Kath now lives inContinue reading “S1:E20 – Kath and Lily”

S1:E19 – Sam, Eli and Kai

For Sam, using a known donor she could have a relationship with and that her children could know as they grew up, was really important to her. As a result of finding the right donor, via a donor website, she now lives in regional NSW with her two gorgeous boys Kai and Eli. In thisContinue reading “S1:E19 – Sam, Eli and Kai”

S1:E18 – Tash and Izzy

Tash’s Mum knew since she was a toddler that Tash was going be a mum. She loved children so much she ended up becoming a primary school teacher and when the right partner didn’t come along, she decided to have a baby on her own. She lives in Victoria and is now mum to anContinue reading “S1:E18 – Tash and Izzy”

S1:E17 – Sasha and Brooklynn

In the back of her mind Sasha always had using a donor as an option, as she knew she really wanted to be a Mum. She lives in Queensland and after having her adorable daughter Brooklyn, she started her own business to enable the lifestyle she dreamed of for her family. In this episode weContinue reading “S1:E17 – Sasha and Brooklynn”

S1:E16 – Amy, Charlie and Molly

After a long road, with many changes in protocol, Amy’s dreams of becoming a mother finally came true in her 40s. She now lives in Melbourne with her 2 gorgeous children Charlie (4) and Molly (4 months). In this episode we talk about pregnancy in your 40s (including being pregnant with number 2 with aContinue reading “S1:E16 – Amy, Charlie and Molly”

S1:E15 – Rachel and Arlo

In hindsight Rachel wishes she’d decided that she would become a mother without a partner 10 years ago, but not commence treatment until later. Had she done that she wouldn’t have wasted time on relationships that never got her to the goal of having her own child, but could have instead focused on herself andContinue reading “S1:E15 – Rachel and Arlo”

S1:E14 – Jessie and Joni

It was a non-negotiable for Jessie that she have children, and after another significant relationship didn’t work out, she decided to take her future into her own hands to ensure her dreams of being a mother would come true. Jessie lives in a New South Wales with her gorgeous 9 month old daughter Joni. InContinue reading “S1:E14 – Jessie and Joni”

S1:E13 – Carly, Lucy, Theo and Gracie

Carly always knew she would need to use a donor to achieve her dreams of being a mum and decided at a 29 to pursue the solo mum path as she knew she wanted more than one child. Carly lives in NSW with her 3 gorgeous children – Lucy, Theo and Gracie. In this episodeContinue reading “S1:E13 – Carly, Lucy, Theo and Gracie”

S1:E12 – Lisa and Teddy

Lisa was only 30 when she decided to pursue becoming a mother without a partner. She’s incredibly driven and being a Mum was something she always wanted, so she was no longer willing to wait for a man to make her goals happen. Lisa lives in Western Australia with her gorgeous 3 year old sonContinue reading “S1:E12 – Lisa and Teddy”

S1:E11 – Lauriane and Chloe

Lauriane moved to Australia from France with her fiancé and expected to start a family. When the relationship didn’t work out, and knowing she had PCOS, she took matters into her own hands and now lives in Sydney with her gorgeous daughter Chloe. In this episode we talk about the challenges of having a babyContinue reading “S1:E11 – Lauriane and Chloe”

Bonus Episode – Mother’s Day Reflections

To celebrate Mother’s Day we catch up with some of our previous guests, and also hear from some upcoming guests, on their reflections on Mother’s Day, and what it’s like to be a SuperMum that takes on the role of 2 parents. Whether you have a child/children, you have angel babies, furbabies, a baby onContinue reading “Bonus Episode – Mother’s Day Reflections”

S1:E10 – Steph, Madden and Scout

Steph was relatively young when she embarked on the journey to become a solo mum by choice, after already raising foster children. The journey to conceive wasn’t as straight forward as you would think at that age, but she currently lives in Queensland with her 2 beautiful boys Madden and Scout. In this episode weContinue reading “S1:E10 – Steph, Madden and Scout”

S1:E9 – Leah and Jack

Leah hadn’t considered becoming a mother without a partner until a comment from a co-worker made her reconsider her path to the white picket fence. What followed that comment was a rollercoaster of unexpected medical diagnosis, multiple rounds of IVF, travel for treatment and even a relationship. Leah lives in Tasmania with her gorgeous 10Continue reading “S1:E9 – Leah and Jack”

S1:E8 – Sarah and Hartley

Sarah’s road to becoming a mum wasn’t a smooth one, but with the help of an amazing fertility specialist/Obstetrician she overcame fertility challenges, a very stressful pregnancy, an incompetent cervix and her son being born at only 34 weeks. Sarah lives in Melbourne with her gorgeous son Hartley, who was only 12 weeks old whenContinue reading “S1:E8 – Sarah and Hartley”

S1:E7 – Carla and James

Carla knew without a doubt she was meant to be a mum so started the process to become a solo mum by choice after plan A didn’t work out as expected. Carla lives in a small town in Queensland with her gorgeous son James. In this episode we talk about the lack of fertility education,Continue reading “S1:E7 – Carla and James”

S1:E6 – Kaylee and Ottilie

Kaylee always dreamed of being a Mum, but not having any luck finding the right person to start a family with she decided to pursue having a child on her own. With the help of her fabulous specialist she overcame an unexpected endometriosis diagnosis, had a relatively easy conception and after a challenging introduction toContinue reading “S1:E6 – Kaylee and Ottilie”

S1:E5 – Sally, Angus and Riley

Sally decided to pursue becoming a solo mum by choice in order to give her son Riley from a previous relationship a sibling. She is one of the youngest SMBC’s I have interviewed, and is seriously impressive conceiving whilst being a full time mum, working and studying! Whilst Sally was “young” in terms of fertility,Continue reading “S1:E5 – Sally, Angus and Riley”

S1:E4 – Lisa and Luca

Once Lisa made the decision to have a baby on her own, she threw herself into the journey, putting complete trust in the experts around her with fabulous results. She lives in Melbourne with her adorable 3 year old Luca. In this episode we discuss Lisa’s journey including the importance of having a good supportContinue reading “S1:E4 – Lisa and Luca”

S1:E3 – Christina and Eliza

Getting closer to 40 and after trying everything to find that special someone, Christina took matters into her own hands. She lives in Sydney with her gorgeous 7 month old daughter Eliza. Hopefully Prince Charming will turn up in future, when/if Christina has time or space in their lives for him. In this episode weContinue reading “S1:E3 – Christina and Eliza”

S1:E2 – Feona and Siena

Feona and Siena live in Melbourne, and love being a SMC family.  Feona is very open and honest about deciding to go overseas and use two anonymous donors to conceive her gorgeous 4 1/2 year old Siena.  Recently Feona and Siena have started connecting with Siena’s (half) siblings and love getting to know these newContinue reading “S1:E2 – Feona and Siena”

S1:E1 – Alisha and Alexandra

Alisha has a gorgeous almost 2 year old who was conceived using donor sperm in Victoria. It was a long 10 year journey to finally become a Mum, and while this wasn’t plan A, it was definitely the best decision she ever made. Hear her story of loss, conception, donor selection, having a baby aloneContinue reading “S1:E1 – Alisha and Alexandra”