S2:E35 – Cyndi & Callaway

Prior to Cyndi becoming a mother she was a nanny and a teacher, becoming a mother was always something she knew she was going to do. She lives in Melbourne with her son Callaway and in this episode she shares her long journey to conception, the process for being a recipient of donor embryos andContinue reading “S2:E35 – Cyndi & Callaway”

S2:Bonus 5 – Interview with a fertility dietician

In this bonus episode I interviewed Lara who is dietician that specialises in fertility and pregnancy, especially for women trying to conceive over the age of 35. We discuss what you should and shouldn’t eat to help egg quality and your chance of conception success, as well as ensuring a health pregnancy and debunking someContinue reading “S2:Bonus 5 – Interview with a fertility dietician”

S2:Bonus 4 – Interview with an embryo donor

In this bonus episode I interview a wonderful embryo donor who has so far donated her embyos to one successful solo mum by choice. In this episode we discuss what led her to want to donate her and her husband’s embryos, the process they went through in order to find their recipient, the reactions theyContinue reading “S2:Bonus 4 – Interview with an embryo donor”