S2:B7 – 2023 wrap up

Another fabulous season of the No need for Prince Charming podcast with another incredible 40 mums who’ve so generously shared their story – thank you! In this wrap up we hear from some of our previous guests from season 1 and 2 and get updates on life for them since the podcast. If you’re interestedContinue reading “S2:B7 – 2023 wrap up”

S2:E35 – Cyndi & Callaway

Prior to Cyndi becoming a mother she was a nanny and a teacher, becoming a mother was always something she knew she was going to do. She lives in Melbourne with her son Callaway and in this episode she shares her long journey to conception, the process for being a recipient of donor embryos andContinue reading “S2:E35 – Cyndi & Callaway”

S1:E29 – Jane and Isabel

Jane initially went down the traditional clinic route to get pregnant on her own without success. She then trusted her intuition and pursued home insemination with a known donor and as a result she now lives in Melbourne with her gorgeous daughter Isabel. In this episode we discuss the importance of the relationship in selectingContinue reading “S1:E29 – Jane and Isabel”

S1:E24 – Hannah and Stevie

Hannah was always going to be a mum, so she froze her eggs in her early 30s to give her options, never thinking she’d need them. A few years later and after a lot of research, she went through IVF again, this time with donor sperm. She lives in Queensland with her gorgeous 2 yearContinue reading “S1:E24 – Hannah and Stevie”

S1:E23 – Ebony and Lyla

Ebony started her journey to become a solo mum while she was living in the UK, and what followed was a long and complex adventure involving multiple countries and donor options. Ebony now lives back in Victoria with her gorgeous 15 month old daughter Lyla. In this episode we talk about the options available forContinue reading “S1:E23 – Ebony and Lyla”

S1:E19 – Sam, Eli and Kai

For Sam, using a known donor she could have a relationship with and that her children could know as they grew up, was really important to her. As a result of finding the right donor, via a donor website, she now lives in regional NSW with her two gorgeous boys Kai and Eli. In thisContinue reading “S1:E19 – Sam, Eli and Kai”