S1:E35 – Sal, Edie and Hendrix

Sal grew up thinking she never wanted kids, but in reality what she didn’t want was a relationship with a man to get the kids. Once she worked that out she went through an interstate journey to create her gorgeous little family of 3 with her daughter Edie and son Hendrix. In this episode weContinue reading “S1:E35 – Sal, Edie and Hendrix”

S1:E13 – Carly, Lucy, Theo and Gracie

Carly always knew she would need to use a donor to achieve her dreams of being a mum and decided at a 29 to pursue the solo mum path as she knew she wanted more than one child. Carly lives in NSW with her 3 gorgeous children – Lucy, Theo and Gracie. In this episodeContinue reading “S1:E13 – Carly, Lucy, Theo and Gracie”