S1:E18 – Tash and Izzy

Tash’s Mum knew since she was a toddler that Tash was going be a mum. She loved children so much she ended up becoming a primary school teacher and when the right partner didn’t come along, she decided to have a baby on her own. She lives in Victoria and is now mum to anContinue reading “S1:E18 – Tash and Izzy”

S1:E17 – Sasha and Brooklynn

In the back of her mind Sasha always had using a donor as an option, as she knew she really wanted to be a Mum. She lives in Queensland and after having her adorable daughter Brooklyn, she started her own business to enable the lifestyle she dreamed of for her family. In this episode weContinue reading “S1:E17 – Sasha and Brooklynn”