S2:E15 – Amanda and Leo

At 41, after years of unsuccessful dating, Amanda learned the only way she could become a Mum would be with help from an egg and sperm donor. She lives in Melbourne with her adorable son Leo. In this episode we discuss navigating the world of private egg donation in Australia, travelling to Spain to conceiveContinue reading “S2:E15 – Amanda and Leo”

S2:E3 – TJ and Baby Star

TJ had an amazing life, but at 46 had a sudden realisation that she was meant to be a mother. She pursued all avenues, and was eventually successful at 48 with a donor embryo. She and her gorgeous daughter live in NSW. In this episode we discuss the challenges of being an older mum, howContinue reading “S2:E3 – TJ and Baby Star”

S1:E2 – Feona and Siena

Feona and Siena live in Melbourne, and love being a SMC family.  Feona is very open and honest about deciding to go overseas and use two anonymous donors to conceive her gorgeous 4 1/2 year old Siena.  Recently Feona and Siena have started connecting with Siena’s (half) siblings and love getting to know these newContinue reading “S1:E2 – Feona and Siena”