Bonus Episode 4 – Reflections & advice

That’s a wrap on season 1! What an amazing ride it has been and what a fabulous range of stories and journeys we’ve had over the first 40 episodes. Thank you to all my amazing quests who have shared what they went through to fulfil their dreams of becoming a mother when they took motherhoodContinue reading “Bonus Episode 4 – Reflections & advice”

Bonus Episode 3 – Interview with a donor

To celebrate 30 episodes this special bonus episode gives us a male perspective and what they go through to be a donor, with some great advice for anyone considering using a known donor to create their family. I hope you enjoy this episode and thank you for all your support with the podcast so farContinue reading “Bonus Episode 3 – Interview with a donor”

Bonus Episode 2 – Christmas tips

For most people Christmas is a time of love, laughter, family, presents and delicious food. This can mean a very expensive time, especially on one income. For this bonus episode I reached out to some of the previous and upcoming podcast guests to get their tips on what they do to make Christmas as magicalContinue reading “Bonus Episode 2 – Christmas tips”